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What Does MC Hammer Have To Do With Analytics?

In this special episode of BITV, I share thoughts on the upcoming trends in information management and their adoption into mainstream thinking.

I talk about Cloud, Social Media and Data Mashups….and of course M.C. Hammer!


Malcolm Gladwell and Analytics

Malcolm Gladwell is a legend – you’ve probably read some of his books such as “Blink”, “Tipping Point” or “Outliers”.  In this interview, we talk about the famous 10,000 hour rule and how great decisions can be made.

Think Big. Think Broad. Think BI in 2020.

Your BI TV host, Bruno Aziza welcomes in the New Year BIG with a preview of where BI TV is heading in 2011. Highlights include WHO we’re talking to, WHERE we’ll be and WHAT you’re saying. January focuses on Predictions in 2020. February brings with it some of the best thought leaders in the data and analytics space and in March we’re full of surprises!  Also hear about the new LinkedIn Group and weekly Polls, where you can engage and drive not only today’s BI conversation but also tomorrow’s!        

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