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Data to Kill Death

There is no doubt the Quantified Self movement is growing and gathering mainstream attention.  In this post, I talk about how the data movement will allow us to lead better lives.  Below a quick preview of the first paragraph.  Read more directly on and let me know what you think!

“I’m sitting at the doctor’s office the other day for yet another visit.  The facility is equipped with the latest technology: my check-in is processed via an automated kiosk, and my surgeon flips through medical records via a browser.  He explains that looking at MRIs is faster via “the Cloud” than from a CD: “server processing is more appropriate here”, he says.  When did doctors understand so much about technology?

To be fair, my doctor will need all the technology available if he is to extend my “soccer career”: over the past 24 months, I’ve fractured my pelvis, sustained a double sports hernia and broke my left ankle”.

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Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

Predictive analytics is the next step in BI: not only can you be retrospective and see what has happened in your company in the past, but now we can distill new information from the old information to actually predict what will happen in the future.

Jamie MacLennan, CTO of Predixion Software, explains the difference between business intelligence and predictive analytics and shares a program that Predixion has created in Excel to review the Practice Fusion data.

You can see the exploration of the Practice Fusion data through Predixion here:

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