The Data Deluge

Kenneth Cukier, Correspondent for The Economist and Author of “The Data Deluge” is one of my heroes.  He is one of the first to write about Business Intelligence and Data into a mainstream business paper.  In this interview, we chat about the importance that analytics have and how the companies that haven’t built it as part of their culture will soon be ‘out of luck’.

Here are some great insights:

  • Farecast, a part of the Microsoft® BingTM search engine, can suggest whether travelers should buy an airline ticket now or wait for the price to come down by examining 225 billion flight and price records.
  • A Boeing jet generates 10 terabytes of information per engine every 30 minutes of flight, meaning a cross-country flight by a twin-engine Boeing 737 would produce 240 terabytes of data.
  • At eBay, analytics is used by one-third of the 18,000-person workforce, many of whom are call-center workers who view analytics on their desktops when calls come in.

And my favorite:

  • Executives should be embracing the big data opportunity now. “It’s also a mandatory requirement,” Cukier exclaims. “If you don’t do it, you’re out of luck and out of a job, because the whole basis for your company will be an analytical, statistical, data-driven model. If you don’t know this information, you won’t be valuable to your company anymore.”

For feedback on the interview or to share more of your data stories, feel free to email me directly @ or Ken @   Ken’s report can be found here and you can follow him on Twitter @ kncukier


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